conversation deleted (on client) when client changes pages


I noticed that, if a client is in chat with an agent, then they change the page, a couple of things happen:
On the Agent page, you will see "System: The visitor closed the connection" followed by
"System: The visitor is now on: http// ..."
On the clients page, the prior dialog is deleted, though it still offers to continue the chat with the Agent.

The other thing to note (that may just be a bug), is on the table of the realTime Visits, the data-id changes and each page the same visitor goes to gets added as a new row (as if the visitor is new every time). If an Agent tries to "engage in chat" on any of the other links, the browsing visitor visited, besides the very last one, he will engage no one (no message will be sent to the visitor).

Maybe this is by design, hasn't been implemented, or the code does not work properly on ASP.Net webforms.