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Work In Progress

Wrapping it up and preparing an alpha release
I’ll try to prepare the best version as possible in the short time that I have before taking the parental break in the next weeks. Since I’ll take some times off, I wanted to have a working version, and hopefully, get suggestions and work items when I will return. I will also try to prepare an installation guide and what is required to run the applications.
Estimated end date: 2007/05/20

Operator console (Windows Forms Smart Client)
Since the visitor's chat session is done, for a first draft. I will soon begin the operator console that will make the project complete for a testing phase and getting suggestions and features improvement.
Estimated end date: 2007/05/20

Checking-in the code
I will soon be able to check-in the project on CodePlex to allow other members to start helping me out with the development.
Estimated end date: in a couple of days

Visitor's chat session
I'am now starting the thinking and development of the chat session, when a visitor click on the LiveChat button. This will include:
  1. If no operators are online, allow the visitor to leave a message
  2. Otherwise, take the information of the visitor (name, email, comment) and issue a ChatRequest
  3. When an operator accepts the ChatRequest, the visitor will be able to send chat messages and receive answer
Estimated end date: 2007/04/28

I'am currently working on the Process.ashx file. This ASP.NET Request Handler will be responsible for:
  1. Displaying the online/offline image
  2. Log the visitor page, request time and URL of the referrer
Estimated end date: 2007/04/08

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